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5 Helpful Resources for Independent Authors

Publishing a book can be a boon for a company or an individual. Assuming you’re working on non-fiction material that is relevant to your current business or a new revenue stream you want to develop, “published author status” does wonders for your social proof.

What follows is a collection of third-party resources that we frequently provide to many of our non-fiction literary clients over the course of our work with them. Now they’re all in one place!

Note: this list of resources is targeted toward indepdent non-fiction authors seeking to produce a physical book through a right and royalities agreement with a traditional press or imprint.

1. Acquisitions and Series Editors

These are the two primary types of editors you might encounter in the early phase of interacting with a press. One works full time for a press while the other is contracted for a laser-focused purpose.

Katelyn Knox is a well-repsected academic specializing in race and ethnicity in Francephone cultures. She published her first book in 2016 and has done an excellent writeup sussing out the differences in these two roles at press.

She also maintains her own list of resourcesfor non-fiction writers.

2. Some Ugly Truths About Publishing

Laura Sjoberg teaches at the University of Florida and is leading thinker on feminism and international relations.

Her corpus of published books ranges from wartime history to methodological innovations in quant approaches to international relations.

It’s a lengthy read, but absolutely mandatory for aspiring non-fiction authors.

3. A Few Notes on Book Design

Peter Wilson has spent the last several decades literally writing the book on, well, the book.

At almost 140 pages, A Few Notes represents an offshoot of his 800+ page, seminal tome on designing books.

4. P\&L Planning

A book is a business. Publishers are in this industry to make money, and so are you.

Many authors end up having deep emotional ties to their work. This is often the case with writers who have already labored away at an entire manuscript before querying or otherwise validating that it will sell.

TCK Publishing has a great article that will help you starting thinking about your book as a revenue-generating tool.

This list is sure to grow, so bookmark this page or add us to your Pocket so you can check back later!

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