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Apr 27, 2019

But, does it work?

5 ways to stress test your strategy. It’s altogether too easy to lose track of the root-level principles that make for good strategy. Indeed, there seems to be a perennial...

Apr 27, 2019

Case Study: first sale & fair use

*What follows is an adapted version fghjfhgfasdKJASK NASD Reference is to a hypothetical situation in which a 501(3)c not-for-profit corporation seeks information as to whether or not it may procure...

Mar 1, 2019

Resources for Writers

5 Helpful Resources for Independent Authors Publishing a book can be a boon for a company or an individual. Assuming you’re working on non-fiction material that is relevant to your...

Jan 21, 2019

2019 FinTech Trends

Now with even more synergy and disruption! I was recently asked—on Instagram, of all places—for my opinion on trends in fintech we’ll see this year. I’m certianly not in the...

Oct 25, 2018

Business Survey

The Comprehensive Business Survey (CBS) is my flaghsip offering and where most clients begin our working relationship. A CBS is a bespoke solution for a company that is seeking an...

Oct 20, 2018

Mega Millions: honing your edge when you beat the odds

In Mega Millions: the risk of beating the odds, I discussed the significant risk multipliers that immediately enter your life should you be so unfortunate to “win big.” Lotteries are...

Oct 20, 2018

Mega Millions: the risk of beating the odds

I have many vices, but I consider myself lucky that I have never felt the compulsion to gamble; not once, not ever, have I purchased a lottery ticket. I spent...

Jul 12, 2018

Make It Nice: what's your angle of attack?

I matriculated to univeristy as an architecture student. At the University of Michigan, the schools of art, architecture, and urban planning are all housed in the same building. That building...

Jun 3, 2018

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May 12, 2018

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Privacy Policy The privacy of my visitors is extremely important. This Privacy Policy outlines the types of personal information that is received and collected and how it is used. First...

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